• Advanced Network based Recording
  • Fault tolerant capabilities
  • Cost-effective internal RAID 5 capability
  • Complete remote access, setup control, user administration, video backup, powerful search capabilities


  • Superior Performance and unsurpassed value
  • Eases IP video migration
    • IP-based hybrid analog/IP options. allow you to easily convert your facility from analog to IP cameras
    • Seamless integration: Easily migrate platform into existing microDVR II infrastructure.

We can find a recording solution to fit your needs!

IP Camera and NVR Solutions

In need of high quality images that your standard analog cameras are not providing?

Upgrade to IP video systems and NVR Recorders.

Advantages are

    • Superior picture quality
    • Video Analytics & Expanded features
    • Flexibility and Scalability
    • Ease of Installation
    • Existing Infrastructure uses during switch
    • Cost-effective
    • Durability

Still don’t know why to upgrade from Analog to IP?

Seeing is believing… Contact one of our sales reps today for a in-office demo.