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ATMs and Total Cash Recyclers

We offer time-tested brands for ATMs and total cash recyclers.  Contact us to upgrade your existing equipment or for repairs and fixes on older equipment.

Proud Supplier of NCR ATMs

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SBS is an authorized reseller of NCR ATMs.  With over 125 years of experience and knowledge, NCR is a leading global provider of payments, assisted- and self-service solutions. NCR has been the leading global manufacturer of ATMs for more than 22 consecutive years. NCR products help clients around the world improve their customer interactions, implement change quickly and proactively, and transform their businesses to become leaders and change agents.

SelfServ 84 : Outstanding ease-of-use for drive-up and walk up locations

NCR SelfServ.png

The NCR SelfServ 84 is an exterior through-the-wall drive-up or walk up ATM designed for high transaction usage. The perfect ATM to deliver your complete self-service transaction set, it gives you the widest range of upgrade options, is fully weatherized and is designed for ease-of-use. All while maximizing your brand presence and deployment opportunities.

Gunnebo TCR 7.png

 Total Cash Recycler

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Your bank branch is a vibrant and critical part of your business. It works with you to promote your services, attract new customers, strengthen relationships with existing customers, and drive revenue.

Yet for many financial institutions, creating a more modern and efficient branch environment can be daunting. Outdated cash procedures. Costly cash processing. Excess cash inventory. It all adds up to a poor customer experience that leaves revenue on the table and the customer frustrated. They need a simple, comprehensive and integrated solution that speeds cash transaction times, makes accurate deposits and stores cash in real-time, while still engaging customers with a personal touch.

The SafeRecycling TCR7 from Gunnebo meets the demands with a robust set of integrated teller automation capabilities. Adapted to under-counter installation, it provides an ergonomic, frontline cash management solution to drive fast, secure and efficient banknote processing.

Notes are automatically registered, counted, deposited, stored and dispensed at the point of each transaction. Cash limits become more visible. Excess cash inventories are reduced. Tellers can spend more time engaging customers and building stronger relationships, leading to higher referral rates and added cross-selling revenue.

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